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Agricultural Productivity

Roundup® (a glyphosate based product) is a broad spectrum, post-emergent systemic herbicide, discovered by Monsanto and is the flagship brand of our agricultural productivity business. It is Monsanto’s world-class, innovative solution to one of farmers’ biggest concerns – weeds. Weeds are unwanted plants that grow in and around the fields and are a major deterrent to achieving higher productivity on the farm. They compete with crops for water, nutrients and sunlight, thus inhibiting their growth. Weeds also tend to harbor insects, pests and micro-organisms. They tend to block drainage and impede the flow of water in water-transport channels, impacting overall yields. Hence, timely removal of weeds is critical. Traditional methods of weed control like hand weeding or mechanical weeding provide limited duration weed control. Roundup® provides efficient weed control, helps cover wide areas more effectively, in addition to cost savings in weed management, both with respect to labor and time. It also helps in preventing soil erosion, conserves water and carbon dioxide and is safer to soil microbes (as compared to other herbicides) in conservation (reduced or zero) tillage practices.

Roundup® herbicide is used as a part of environmentally responsible weed control programs and fits well with the vision of sustainable agriculture and environmental protection. Thus, Roundup® is helping farmers conserve resources while producing more.

In addition to agricultural uses, Roundup® is used to control weeds on roadsides, along railway tracks and airports and in places like gardens and sidewalks.

Regulatory agencies around the world have concluded that glyphosate herbicides pose no significant risks to human health and the environment when used according to label instructions.

MIL conducts regular farmer education on importance of chemical weeding, creates awareness on advantages such as higher yields, productivity and control from insects. This has helped Roundup® become the most preferred herbicide brand of the Indian farmer.

Safe and Effective

Roundup® provides efficient weed management

  • Roundup® kills all kinds of weeds by translocating into their roots, thus providing good control of weeds and value-for-money
  • Its benefits have been proven in 125+ countries, on 300 different weeds
  • Due to its non-residual activity in the soil, it is safe to plant crops soon after application Roundup® is a safe and non-hazardous herbicide and is classified as a ‘Blue triangle chemical